Yoga Holidays

Experience a variety of yoga classes, walk along the beautiful trails to experience breathtaking views and local culture, have access to massage and beauty treatments, and still enjoy time relaxing by the pool or at the beach.

There are presently no yoga holidays scheduled.  Please join our email list to keep up to date.


A day at a yoga holiday with Barbara Crompton includes:

  • Morning yoga in a tranquil and picturesque setting. A variety of yoga styles and practices will be shared during your time with us.
  • A nutritious continental style breakfast.
  • Hiking along beachside trails.
  • Early evening restorative yoga class.
  • Laughter and connection around the pool and deck area at the beautiful resort.  Or, go down and play in the ocean, walk on the beach, or explore the town.
  • Free time to read your book, listen to your iPod, or just do nothing at all!
  • A massage, pedicure, manicure or facial.*
  • Dining at local restaurants.*
  • Cooking classes.*

A typical day looks something like this:

  • 7:30 to 9:00 am – Continental Breakfast
  • 7:45 am – Beach Walk
  • 9:00 to 11:15 am – Yoga Classes – practice for ½ hour to 2 ¼ hours in a variety of styles which may include hatha, yoga imagery, yin, core fusion, yoga trance, or yoga nidra.
  • Noon to 5:00 pm – Lunch* and beach hike, or shopping or other activities – you decide!
  • 5:30 to 6:30 pm – Restorative Yoga
  • Evenings – dinner and other local activities*

* Additional cost, not included in registration fee.

“One of my most memorable holidays”. Wonderful location, particularly the Villa overlooking the ocean and what a wonderful way to start your day, a brisk walk, healthy breakfast and then an exhilarating yoga session, delightful light lunch, some free time to roam the beach, sites, stores or just chill before a wind down yoga evening followed by cocktails and whatever the night offered. Met wonderful friends who I have stayed in touch with over the years and reconnected on return visits to Barb’s real special yoga retreats. Love Barb’s yoga, her energy and what she has to share with all around her. As my motto goes … “Just do it” (think I had it before Nike), you won’t be sorry and will probably be the start of many more to follow, whether Mexico, Italy or ??? Julie Urquhart, Realtor, Northshore


PV with Barb – definitely one of the most memorable vacations I have taken.  Everything was perfect – and the highlight was Barb’s classes followed by my holiday mates and the FOOD! – I highly recommend a rejuvenating week with Barb. Catharine Sulkers


The first time I went to a yoga class I had an epiphany, I really thought it was something special…maybe it was Barb…I’m not sure, but I think I was drawn more and more into yoga by the greatness of Barb. Barb has something special. It’s partly what she says, and certainly how she says it.

The first time I attended a yoga holiday in 2007, at the end of the week, all the attendees got into a circle, each of us given the opportunity to speak about our experience, if we wanted to. I said that yoga had changed my life –but I knew it was the combination of yoga and Barb. I learned from Barb that you are never perfect at yoga, it’s always a practice and that translates to life… life is always practice and we are always learning, and it doesn’t matter if you’re ‘perfect’ at it, one never is. When you are 18 you think you know everything, and soon you realize just how wrong you are, but when you discover that you are still learning at 56 years old it is quite humbling in a way, and exciting in another. Coming to a yoga holiday for the first time I expected a ‘certain type’ of person would attend, but this was not to be the case at all. There is a wide variety of people participating. The other thing that I found was that, though the everyday life of most men is enveloped in competition, whether it be at work or otherwise, this feeling seemed to disappear at the Yoga Retreat. The fact that there were few men present must certainly be a part of the reason for this, but I believe that the general psyche of Yoga enthusiasts is different, whether they be men or women. The women I’ve met on these retreats have helped me to see a different way of connecting and maybe for some it will be the first time they actually have meaningful connections with their opposite gender. It’s great to be here because it has a calming effect which is amazing – I look forward to this ten days because I won’t get this feeling from any other vacation. I typically book the next Yoga holiday before it’s even announced. I wouldn’t miss it. Sandy – Yoga Holiday’s since 2007.