Stuffed Avacado Salad

If you’ve ever had dinner with Barb, chances are you’ve had a stuffed avacado salad – when I asked her how she did them, here’s what she said…what a great way to describe a recipe!  Since avacados are abundant in Mexico, where Barb spends her winters, she makes a lot of these!

Avocados…..good fat…….love it……add a stuffing of chopped fresh or Costco big Shrimp frozen  thawed (taste like lobster……yum), feel  your way through the amount of chopped fresh dill, fresh parsley, low fat mayo, a wee bit of lemon juice, a squeeze of dijon.  Mix with passion, love and determination for the taste buds and voila…you are a sous chef.  The presentation is key…..bask the avocado on a plate of greens,deliver with yogic pinache.

enjoy and savour….

… photo coming soon (they just get eaten too darn fast and we forget!