Here is a sampling of some of the workshops that Barbara can offer to your group or organization…

Younger Next Year

“This class is for Men and Women who who want to make a lifestyle and health change. I am hoping couples will come to support each other in their journey of change.”

In your effort to be Younger Next Year Barbara will share her yogic secrets to help you:

  • decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke
  • have more energy to walk or hike
  • make bones stronger to improve your posture
  • create a more balanced life
  • Increase flexibility and strength in mind, body and spirit to be able to go with the flow with grace and agility
  • be more motivated
  • eat more healthfully to lose weight
  • establish and nourish your sense of community and connection to awaken your purpose and give back to life

With Barb’s help you will develop a plan, be motivated and establish a commitment to being younger next year.  All Levels.


Hip Hip Hooray

The hip joint is one of the largest and most versatile joints in the body.  In yoga, the full range of motion of the hip and alignment of the hips brings freedom to our spine, knees and ankles – it determines our gait and posture.  In this workshop you will work on stabilizing and increasing mobility in all of the movements of the hips.  You will work towards expansion of the hip area to release stored toxins, both mental and emotional.  This workshop will expand your practice by bringing better awareness and openness to your hips.  Come and celebrate your hips.  All levels.


Core Power for Life

Discover how to develop and keep core power in your practice and in your life!  Core power focused yoga helps you to access your center where all of your power and strength lie.  Combined with breath and yoga asanas that target your core, this workshop is a wonderful way to build up core stability and inner as well as outer strength.   All levels.