About Barbara

Live simplistically, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly.

Barbara Crompton is a recognized luminary in the yoga, fitness, health, and business field. She draws from an immense yoga background of Hatha, power, yin, restorative, and yoga trance.  Barbara also brings to each holiday a unique blend of Nia, Pilates, small ball roll, meditation and fitness. Her entrepreneurial spirit, her love of movement, her zest for living, and her passion for teaching creates a dynamic experience for all she inspires. Come and dance through life with Barbara …she’s waiting to meet you.

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I would not be where I am at if I hadn’t stepped through the Fitness Group doors in 1986 when I went to visit my sister at University.  I never forgot the feeling and when I moved to Vancouver, it was my calling. You shaped my career and my success.  What I have learned, I learned from you. You are an incredibly talented woman – smart, beautiful, successful, wise and inspiring.  I couldn’t have a better mentor.  Thank you. I miss working with you. xo  Former Student – Krista
The lady is a dynamo!  Incorporating a refreshingly open and honest discussion of her personal experiences in this journey helped take this topic out of the realm of ‘a nice theory’ to things she did to do it.  Excellent interaction and audience participation.  Extremely practical suggestions for significant changes of LIFEstyle.  I like the way Barb incorporated personal commitment from the audience (writing it down makes it real), with reinforcement for limited duration, but long enough to start a habit.   Ken – participant at “Younger Next Year” workshop – October 2012
I thought it was a great holistic approach and found it very worthwhile and very enjoyable to attend.  I believe everyone came away with some value from this presentation.  It was uplifting as well – which is really kind of strange because most 1 hour sessions involving listening tend to tire you instead of invigorate.  Barb has a lot of knowledge to share and delivers it well.  I think it would be great to have Barb back for more topics in the future.  Jacquelyn – participant in “Younger Next Year” workshop – October 2012 – Vancouver
I actually wanted to say THANK YOU for allowing me to participate in class, yesterday morning.
Gosh — it felt so good to go through that full routine. My body felt complete afterwards. Aligned and Full. You know, that was the first session I’ve had with you “indoors” in a conventional studio and what clearly stands out for me — is that you are the best YOGA teacher I’ve ever had.
I truly mean this. And I have done about 300 yoga classes in the past four or five years.  Joanne – who first attended Yoga in the Park, then a Yoga Holiday in Melaque and now has taken her practice indoors with Barb too.