Yoga & Art – December 2011

Yoga and Art Retreat
December 2 to 9, 2011
15 minutes outside Puerto Vallarta

Yoga retreats at the House of Wind and Water have been specially designed for personal growth through yoga and art.  

 Kathleen Carrillo, artist and owner of the House of Wind and Water will lead your Art Soul Collage sessions.  Each day will feature yoga and art classes, and outside excursions.

 What is a Soul Collage?  Express your heart thro ugh art workshops.  You will create a personal art journal as well as a soul collage, and begin a deck of inspirational art cards for your personal daily use.  The creation of a soul collage is an inner journey that allows yor soul to speak to you.  Your souls voice can be heard through the imags, feelings and insights that surface from creating this kind of collage.  Layer after layer of deeply hidden messages about you and who you are becoming can be uncovered in this soulful process.  It can dramatically increase your ability to manifest your dreams.

Join Barbara and Kathleen December 2 to 9, 2011 in beautiful Mexico.   

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