Do you live your life in balance of yin and yang energies?

Yang thinking and living is the right side of our being, the light and determined side that pushes through each occurrence with abiding energy and passion. Yang behaviors love to control and force situations to happen. They are the leaders, the planners , the goers and doers of life.

Yin thinking and living is the left side of our being, the dark and quiet side that sits and listens in the moment. Yin behaviors will give up control and surrender to what is, peeling the layers of lifes complexity and softening the monkey mind so to dwell in peace.

My being loves Yang lifestyle. I love to plan new adventures,to find challenges to overcome, to hike mountains to feel the power of my thighs ,to push through my assertive yoga practise to perfect another pose, to give back to humanity by building schools in Mexico or to find the courage to push through an emotional breakdown.

My being needs more yang. I thirst for my quiet practise of yin yoga or long sitting and lying poses. I go to India and Thailand by myself with no plans and watch and feel the fear of me. I walk the Malecon of PV or the seawall of Stanley Park and bask in gratitude for the beauty and vibrant colours of the trees and flowers, the majestic mountains rushing into the sea and the waves lapping their tongues on the shore. I want to live the statement “I would rather be free than right”

I ASK YOU ……Is your body in harmony of yin and yang? If you need to bring up your yang go to a yoga flow class. If you need to bring up your yin go to restorative or yin class. Come and join me in the practise this winter in Puerto Vallarta. Let me guide you into your balance.

In closing:
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Grant me the courage to change the things I can. Give me the grace and wisdom to know the difference of when to push and control and when to let go and surrender.

Namaste. May the quiet in me salute the quiet in you.