Contemplation – The Pause with Barbara Crompton

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Jun 212015

Pause, breathe, push yourself away from responsibility for 5 minutes…….

“I am enough just  the way I am today”

Have you ever felt…”I am not enough”….. society has said it, my Mom and Dad have said it, my children or friends  have blasted it into my brain that I needed to be more.  Take a break and absorb this poem by Danna Faulds

It is enough to offer love,
No matter how imperfectly received or given.
It’s enough to try and fail at a difficult task; enough
To fall and rise and stumble, sigh and start to walk however slowly, in the direction the soul (not the mind) points.
It’s enough to seek peace and find pain, to gain nothing but the vision of the truth , and take the long way home.
It’s enough to hear the voice of fear and hide…or seek it out and face the shame or shadows.
It’s enough to set out to tame demons and watch them multiple instead.
It’s enough to be buffeted by the winds of change and not be blown over.
I and you and all of us are more than enough .

Go forth, be enough, and perhaps  grow in your light and open yourself to light and love.

In full gratitude of the journey of life.


The Blue Zones | 9 Power Influencers of Longevity

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Jan 262015
Do you want to live to be over 100 with good health and a positive attitude towards life ?
In the book “The Blue Zones”  the author Dan Buettner identifies the places in the world where the most centurions exist. Think Sardenia, Italy, Loma Linda, California, Nosura Peninsula in Costa Rico, Okinawa Japan, a small island in Greece for living a long life.  In each of these destinations there were commonalities of behaviours, lifestyles and attitudes.  These are called “the nine power influencers of longevity. “
Let me share them with you….
  1. Move naturally and often!  Get up and garden, walk briskly, hike a mountain, bend and stretch in yoga.
  2. Have purpose!  In yoga the 7th chakra is our energy center of purpose, the center where we ask ourselves “why am I on this earth, what legacy would I like to leave the world.” Victor Frankl, Holocaust survivor, and author of “Man,s search of meaning” identifies common characteristic of the survivors. He found people with a purpose,no matter what it was,survived the longest.
  3. Down shift, manage your stress, meditate, and find your quiet moments to connect with nature and yourself.  
  4. Adhere to the 80% rule!  Eat 80% of the time healthfully. Don,t beat yourself up for 20% of the time “jumping off the wagon.”
  5. Eat a Plant slant diet!  Fill your fridge with red peppers, dark leafy vegetables, root vegetables, berries. Fill your dinner plate with 80% vegetables and fruit.
  6. Moderate Wine with friends!  Everything in moderation!
  7. Know you belong!   Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs identifies the base of his pyramid to self actualization is water, food, shelter. The next rung of the pyramid in reaching ” the great self” is feeling an integral part of something bigger than yourself.
  8. Engage often with loved ones!  Compassion, gratitude and total appreciation for family and friends brings richness to our lives.
  9. Find your positive cheerful tribe!  Living with negative, unhappy, disgruntled people eats at your core fiber of goodness and joy.  Walk away from these humans and find a new tribe.
So how did you do?
I think I will be around for the 100th celebration. Come and practice yoga with me on that day!

Sciatic Pain Releif – a four part video series

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Nov 112014

A common ailment for many people is sciatica – a consistent pain in the lower back and buttocks that may potentially extend down the leg to the foot.  If you experience lower back pain, join Barbara Crompton from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in this four-part series of gentle stretching poses designed to increase your range of motion and provide sciatic nerve pain relief. Barb is joined by students in a restorative yoga class and together they will help you to release tightness and relieve compression of the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the body.

Constance’s Carrot Cake

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Aug 172014

photo (16)2 c. whole wheat flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp all spice

1/2 c olive oil
1 c brown sugar
4 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
6 c grated carrots

grate all your carrots first and set aside

combine oil, sugar in mixer.  beat eggs in one at a time.  add vanilla

 then add baking powder,baking soda, salt, cinnamon, allspice

in a plastic bag put in your 2c.whole wheat flour and add all your
grated carrots. and shake it all up.

(this method keeps the carrots from sinking to the bottom of your cake)

add the carrots and flour  to the rest of the batter, fold together.

Use an extra long loaf pan, a 9 x 13 pan or 2 x small regular loaf pans, or any pan you like.

bake at 350   approx. 45min.

cream cheese icing

4 oz. cream cheese
1/4 c  butter
1 c icing sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract

beat cream cheese, butter, add sugar, add vanilla.

Have fun making this yummy cake!

Constance Wong, Yoga Enthusiast

Loka Samasta Sukino Bhavantu

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Jul 252013
Come and join me In celebration of our universe and all living beings in it’s heart.
Will Blunderfield sings this thought in his song  “Loka Samasta sukino bhavantu “.  This means……
May the entire universe be filled with peace, joy, love and light.  May all human beings be free and happy.   May the thoughts, words and actions of my own contribute to the freedom and happiness of all. 
Crank on the inspiration and bask yourself in experiencing heaven on earth with Will.



Jul 022013

A question for you!

quote-barbaracromptonIf you had a pie shape and you were to divide the pie into percentages……what percentage of your life do you live in the past,what percentage of your life do you live in the future and what percentage of your life do you live in the present.

If you live mostly in the past you may experience shame and guilt of what you didn’t or should have done (a useless self destructive emotions) or you may experience envy of your past youth or your fleeting fame of your heyday (a self defeating emotion).

If you live mostly in the future you may experience intense, maybe irrational fear of what will be..getting sick, losing your youth,not having enough money to live.

Yes, the past is grand…..those cherishable memories of family, friends and events. Yes, the future is grand ….the planning of trips and exciting adventures. Continue reading »


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Jun 142013

On Wednesday, I did a keynote presentation for an AGM at a corporate site. It was the first time doing this where I shared my personal story.

The motivator behind my decision to deliver this topic was a TedX video with researcher Brene Brown, a Doctor who researches vulnerability and shame. But more importantly than her title, she is an honest, real and dynamic human with wise words to ponder!


With deep appreciation for our connection,



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Mar 142013

Humility ….pause, breathe and pull yourself away from your computer!

Join me for a short ride in examining humility in your life:

Humility is a interesting word and I believe it has given humble people a “less than”rap in our society . The synonyms in the dictionary are submissive, meek, lowly…….HMMM , not what I believe is humility. A definition I thought was getting closer to what I perceive.. Humility is ” the quality of being modest and respectful, a righteous virtue”. Then I read on and it described humility as an egoless self. HMMMM, egoless self , I don’t know …..maybe there a place for a balanced ego?

Here are a few quotes that made sense me. Take 5 minutes (1 minute each question) to contemplate on how these statement may impact your life.

  1. Humility fights against excessive self pride.  Think about a situation that self pride took over your being. What action would you like to have done differently in this encounter?
  2. Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own innate powers you cannot be successful or happy !  In what situation did you doubt your abilities? What thoughts and actions could you have recruited of your humble but reasonable confidence and innate powers to make you happier or more content.
  3. The higher we are placed , the humbler we Continue reading »


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Feb 062013

Sometimes I am impatient in my yoga practise. Many times I am impatient in traffic. Frequently I am impatient and find myself wanting to finish peoples sentences. Often I am impatient in learning a new task, working through difficulties in a relationship and wanting others to understand my point of view.

The art of patience has been under rated in our society. Patience is defined as a state of endurance under difficult circumstance, a means of preserving in the face of provocation,without activating annoyance or anger in a negative way.

Through my yoga practise my body has taught my mind to experience patience both on the mat (my physical yoga practise) and off the mat (my living in the world).

Here are the five “A”‘s of patience: Continue reading »

The Serenity of Yin and the Courage of Yang

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Jan 132013

Do you live your life in balance of yin and yang energies?

Yang thinking and living is the right side of our being, the light and determined side that pushes through each occurrence with abiding energy and passion. Yang behaviors love to control and force situations to happen. They are the leaders, the planners , the goers and doers of life.

Yin thinking and living is the left side of our being, the dark and quiet side that sits and listens in the moment. Yin behaviors will give up control and surrender to what is, peeling the layers of lifes complexity and softening the monkey mind so to dwell in peace.

My being loves Yang lifestyle. I love to plan new adventures,to find challenges to overcome, to hike mountains to feel the power of my thighs ,to push through my assertive yoga practise to perfect another pose, to give back to humanity by Continue reading »