A question for you!

quote-barbaracromptonIf you had a pie shape and you were to divide the pie into percentages……what percentage of your life do you live in the past,what percentage of your life do you live in the future and what percentage of your life do you live in the present.

If you live mostly in the past you may experience shame and guilt of what you didn’t or should have done (a useless self destructive emotions) or you may experience envy of your past youth or your fleeting fame of your heyday (a self defeating emotion).

If you live mostly in the future you may experience intense, maybe irrational fear of what will be..getting sick, losing your youth,not having enough money to live.

Yes, the past is grand…..those cherishable memories of family, friends and events. Yes, the future is grand ….the planning of trips and exciting adventures.

Do you want or even need to change your percentages of where you spend your thoughts of past, future or present.

Maybe you want or need to live more in the present ….watching and listening intently to each and every second. Having no agenda but to be right here and now. Repeat 5 times with me……“Breathe in I feel calm, exhale I smile for this is the PERFECT moment never to come again” 

Why not mark in your calendar a few yoga classes a week to take the time to sit, breathe and capture that magic moment of the now. I am here for you. Come and practice with me.

Namaste…May the Joy of my being salute the joy of your being.