Yoga is an Imperative Part of my Fitness

Barbara, going to your classes has opened a new dimension of appreciation into the practice of yoga. You not only teach and guide but I especially love the practicality of your class. I learn by listening and doing, and you give me logical reasons to practice my agility, strengthening and core strength. I really enjoy how you talk us through every pose, explain which muscles are being impacted, and what the end result could — or should — be. I have also learned over the year to reflect and be present, seek balance, and positive energy. So thank you. You have made yoga an imperative part of my fitness. What a gift you are as a teacher!

– Mat – July 2020 –

Preparing for a Medical Procedure

The yoga nidra was so relaxing and has made me feel much less anxiety and much less fearful about my procedure tomorrow, so thank you! Exactly what I needed! If I could get myself into this state I would not need sedation. LOL! 

– Penny (May 2020) –

Fun, Accessible & Interesting

Barbara Crompton – you have brought health and wellness and awareness and fitness to Vancouver (and around the world) to SO many people – and for so many decades! You have made it fun and accessible and interesting!  Thank you for your important and ongoing legacy! 

– Steph Nichols – May 2020 –

Ready to Make a Change?

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