Humility ….pause, breathe and pull yourself away from your computer!

Join me for a short ride in examining humility in your life:

Humility is a interesting word and I believe it has given humble people a “less than”rap in our society . The synonyms in the dictionary are submissive, meek, lowly…….HMMM , not what I believe is humility. A definition I thought was getting closer to what I perceive.. Humility is ” the quality of being modest and respectful, a righteous virtue”. Then I read on and it described humility as an egoless self. HMMMM, egoless self , I don’t know …..maybe there a place for a balanced ego?

Here are a few quotes that made sense me. Take 5 minutes (1 minute each question) to contemplate on how these statement may impact your life.

  1. Humility fights against excessive self pride.  Think about a situation that self pride took over your being. What action would you like to have done differently in this encounter?
  2. Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own innate powers you cannot be successful or happy !  In what situation did you doubt your abilities? What thoughts and actions could you have recruited of your humble but reasonable confidence and innate powers to make you happier or more content.
  3. The higher we are placed , the humbler we could walk.  What an idealic thought. Maybe it would be grand for all leaders of the world to examine this thought?  Wow, a lot of responsibility on us who choose to find higher places of leadership in life?  Where in your life of leadership did you walk humbly? ( parent, friend, politician, teacher, daughter, son etc)
  4. A famous statement in therapy is “In my humble opinion,…..then you honestly try to communicate with balanced ego how you feel….”  is there someone you would like to start a heartfelt dialogue using this format?
  5. Swallow your pride occasionally, it is not fattening.  Holy man, holy woman.. How often do we want to get the last fighting word in to make our point? How often do we stand our “ground” in stupid situations.

Try to Remember a situation in your life that you could have been more humble and let go of your pride. Is there a voice to communicate this to that person ?

In closing…..“humility shines like a diamond in a royal crown”……wear it well.

Many blessings. Barb