Go In and In | Danna Faulds

Danna Faulds, is an angel in my heart, a master in my psyche, a deliverer of words poetically melted into what I feel so often.  I first heard Danna’s  gut wrenching, soulful, sad, hopeful and always radiant poems on one of my many retreats at Kripalu (once an Ashram of Yogi Amirt Desai and  now a 400 bed yoga retreat center  in the Berkshires in New Hampshire).

She was a devotee of Desai, but in the early 90’s she witnessed the downfall of the guru and the disintegration of his residential community.  From this devastation and loss of life’s foundation, Danna deepened her self-inquiry, a non-dual experience, which challenged her heart, soul and mind into difficult states like depression and doubt.

Her poems are my “go to’ to find stillness, my sanctuary when I have a loss of words from my heart, and my sweet bed of soft moss when my soul  can’t deliver.

Setting Forth

Something will be born from this goodbye.  In the pain of setting forth, something with die.  With the release of the old comes a moment when nothing is firmly held, and the unknown burns the bridges of the past.

When the smoke clears, my eyes seek on the new horizon.  Nothing is known here, bt the air is sweet and breathing deeply I see long dormant seeds send up their shoots from the fertile ground of change.  As leaves unfurl to meet the sun, the circle is complete.  I will not forget a single step of this sacred journey, nor will I let comfort lock me in its warm embrace.

I do not know what fruit these seeds will bear, but I have faith that what is taking root today will suprise me with its vigor.  In birth and death, the inbreath and the final exhalation, there is pain and the movement into truth.  I take the step that I am called to even if I do not know the final destination.

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