ganeshaGanesha is a deity who is the destroyer of all obstacles, evil, vanity, pride and selfishness and the promoter of success. He also is the guider of knowledge and wisdom .  Ganesha, being the destroyer of obstacles and the lord of Good fortune is the mentor of practicing a puja, a quiet meditation to identify a problem or a struggle you are having in your life.  It can also be a time to practice and appreciate the feeling gratitude in your life.  It is a common practice in India.

When I traveled to India my yoga practice started each day with a puja.

Try it …lie on your stomach, forehead into the ground (this is the connection of your third eye, an energy center called a chakra, a center of wisdom).  Think of one obstacle you have in your life and keep saying it over and over again without trying to figure out how to solve it.

If you don’t have an obstacle right now, center your mind and heart on all the good fortune and gratitude you have in your life.

Spend 5 minutes centering your meditation on these concepts.

Good luck in getting to know a life of good fortune.